Start Your Life Changing Journey With the IsaBody Challenge

As you embark on a life-changing journey, incentives and accountability are the keys to succeeding. Lucky for you, the IsaBody Challenge provides both! To accomplish what you set out to achieve through the IsaBody Challenge®, here are five things to incorporate into your action plan:

  1. Buddy up: Invite two friends to participate in the IsaBody Challenge with you! Not only does it make working out more fun, but it provides accountability.
  2. Become a Consultant: When those two friends join Isagenix with you (one on your left and one on your right), you’ll advance to Consultant and earn money towards you product purchases (over $100 immediately!). Here are the details.
  3. Extra Rewards & Incentives: Participate in monthly IsaBody Challenge drawings and the 90-Day Transformation Award to earn extra cash and prizes such as $500 in product certificates and a free box of Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack with Product B™. Instead of enjoying a manicure, image overlooking an endless sea of blue aboard a week long Transformation Cruise in the Caribbean.
  4. Benefits to Cleanse Days: Buddy up on Cleanse Days. Having a friend participate in a Cleanse Day with you at the same time will make your experience more enjoyable. Another key to having an enjoyable Cleanse Day? Don’t forget your IsaDelight Plus™ Dark Chocolate and IsaDelight Plus™ Milk Chocolate! These bite-sized squares have brain-boosting amino acids that elevate the “feel good” chemicals in your brain and green tea extract that fire up your fat burning potential. Learn more.
  5. Win:  Believe in yourself! After 24 weeks of hard work and dedication, winning the 2012 IsaBody Challenge and the $25,000 cash and even more in prizes will be amazing. Plus, having your personally enrolled friends and family walking with you every step of the way creates a support team unlike any other.

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