Isagenix Canada

Isagenix Canada

Isagenix has been available in Canada for over 6 years and has been shipped from canadian distribution centres based in Alberta and Ontario since 2007. Thousands of Canadians and hundreds of thousands of people around the world have used Isagenix  to improve their health, wellness and lose excess weight.

We recommend that new customers start with the 9 or 30 day Cleansing and Fat Burning Systems and once their desired goals are met to consider using the Total Health and Wellness program to maintain their optimal health.

We are a leading distributor of Isagenix based in Canada but our customer base is around the world. If you'd like to learn more about Isagenix please contact us today for a free no obligation assessment.

What is the Isagenix Cleansing Diet?

Only the finest quality ingredients are used in Isagenix products and each product is thoroughly tested by a medical advisory board before being released.

Perhaps you’ve tried a traditional weight loss diet before and been frustrated at the short-term results? Isagenix is different – the success of Isagenix is down to nutritional cleansing.

Isagenix has improved on the ancient practice of cleansing and created a system that not only targets impurities and toxins within the body, but replenishes the body with the optimum balance of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and other live-giving nutrients.

We are now surrounded by more chemicals than ever before and most of us lead busy stressful lives, these factors and many more can lead our bodies becoming toxic.

When our bodies are not able to cope this increase in toxins, they can back-up, remaining stagnant and can affect health and even be the cause of weight management issues.

Nutritional cleansing gets to the heart of the problem, in the way that a traditional diet or single-supplement cleanse just can’t.

The Benefits of Nutritional Cleansing

Nutritional cleansing has been shown to have numerous benefits including:

  • Helping people achieve and maintain their desired, healthy weight
  • Improved digestion
  • More energy
  • Better skin
  • More sleep
  • And many more health improvements

Isagenix is a world leader in nutritional cleansing and their products are safe, natural and very effective.


Isagenix Canada – Buy Online

There are two ways to buy Isagenix. Purchase at the retail cost OR sign-up as an Isagenix Associate/member and save. Buy Isagenix: Retail Customer

As a retail customer you can buy Isagenix products at standard retail prices.

Click here to place a retail order Or call 1-888-297-4654

Sign-up & save with a Wholesale Account

Get wholesale prices & save on your first order as an Isagenix Associate.

Sign-up & Order Online – click here Join the autoship rewards program for the lowest pricing and extra discounts. You can pause, change or cancel your autoship at anytime. Call 1-866-297-4654

Become an Isagenix Associate & Save Money!

As an Isagenix Canada Associate you get access to wholesale prices for all orders. There is a very small membership fee ($39 standard or $19 on autoship) but you will save this and more on your first order alone, plus you’ll get wholesale prices on all products for a full year.

Isagenix Canada – Phone Ordering

If you would prefer to order by phone please call us direct at 1-888-297-4654

Nutritional Cleanse Coach Mobile Application - Available for iPhone/iPod/iPad

As an added bonuns for our exsiting and new customers we've launched a new iPhone app called Nutritonal Cleanse Coach. This app is a companion to our site providing direct access to the latest Isagenix news, coaching tips for the 9 and 30 day programs and more. The app is a free download and will work on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Visit the app store in iTunes and download your Nutritional Cleanse Coach today!

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